Saturday, September 25, 2010

Summer, is that you?

Whoa, we are back up in the 90’s, whaaat?! Well, after all, this is New England. Beach weather in late September and, maybe snow in October? Just kidding, sort of. I think it snowed before Halloween when I was a kid, in Maine. The cold fall temps made dressing up tough sometimes, who wants to go Trick or Treating in a bulky winter jacket?!

Anyway, I haven’t yet mentioned that I am planning on running my first ever road race of any kind, in November. On Thanksgiving to be exact. A 5K. Here’s the map…

If you know me, you probably think you just misread. It’s true. I don’t like to run, at all. But it’s a goal and I have been pushing myself to train so I can at least make it across the finish line. With that said, I really wanted to get outside for some jogging today but it was too hot. Not to mention, I refuse to turn my AC back on (much like I refuse to turn the heat on before November), so I opted for the air conditioned gym over sitting in my hot apartment.

Prior to that, I made some delicious, fudgey brownies!


And wanna know what is awesome about these brownies?! They are low-fat and sugar-free. I know you are probably thinking, “yea right… they can’t be any good”, but I swear to you… they really are. And I’m not going to take all of the credit, they are from box. Don’t judge!

But the real secret is in the preparation… too be disclosed later!

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