Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Due to severe lack of motivation creative energy, tonight was a leftover night. I had the remaining quesadilla triangles and some more corn salad. Aside from the slight sogginess due to reheating them in the microwave, they were still pretty yummy. Since I didn’t have to spend my time in the kitchen tonight, it seemed like a good opportunity to get some laundry done. Lately it seems I avoid it at all costs until puppy starts dragging clothes out to the living room from the basket overflow pile… yikes.

IMG_2335 Puppy will only follow me as far as the top of the basement stairs. He will NOT, step a foot towards the basement. I don’t blame him, basements are a bit scary. Puppy will, however, wait patiently at the top of the stairs until I return.IMG_2336 With laundry underway, we grabbed the leash and took off for a walk around the neighborhood. We even spent a few minutes in the grassy areas sniffing away. If Griffy was a little human he would be the one to go out of his way to jump in a puddle, I’m convinced. Tonight he spotted a piece of cardboard in the street and had to run over to it just to walk across it. Upon our return, I decided to make a milkshake…

IMG_2338 Just a few simple ingredients, some ice cream, dark chocolate covered pretzels and vanilla Almond Breeze. I put a few scoops of ice cream, 4 broken chocolate covered pretzels and a half cup of Almond Breeze into my Magic Bullet and blended it all until it was milkshake consistency.


The pretty pink straws are optional, but I think they are a nice touch. The pretzels gave it a nice crunchy texture and the tiniest hint of salty in an otherwise sweet treat.

Now I’m off to fold a mountain of laundry and relax in the AC, yes, the humidity has returned and the AC had to come back on!

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  1. We bought our condo 5 years ago, and I have not been in the basement yet. Don't blame the puppers!
    Why don't I make milkshakes ever? You have inspired me!!