Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cory <3’s Topanga

That was a bumper sticker I saw this morning on the back of an old Toyota Camry. I wanted to snap a picture but driving in traffic and taking pictures don’t mix with me. I remember watching Boy Meets World on TGIF back in the day and then watching the reruns later on The Disney Channel. I had a crush on Eric and wished Mr. Feeney was my principal, sigh. Oh, and Topanga had great hair. At least I thought so since my hair has been forever stick straight…

Anyway, I am still carless and there is no word, yet, as to when I will be retrieving it from the dealership. I’m feeling a bit frustrated given the fact that this is my vacation and there are just some things I want to do that are not within walking distance. But my roommate let me borrow her car this morning to drive to the airport where my friend was arriving on the red-eye from San Francisco. We enjoyed a light breakfast and coffee in the North End before I dropped her off at South Station.


My current read, Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential… and my new coffee mug, straight from San Francisco!

I started the book last night and so far I’m enjoying his “no-frills” depiction of the restaurant industry.

Today is hot and humid and I have not a single complaint because the cool evening weather is making me think Fall and I’m not ready yet. However, I did enjoy my first Shipyard Pumpkinhead this weekend.




Hopefully this is the only taste of fall I have for awhile yet. I’ll take the beer as long as the beach weather sticks around!

Cross your fingers that I get a call about my car being ready soon! Until then, I’ll be reading my book.

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  1. um i totally loved TGIF & Boy Meets World lol! Oh the 90's. BTW I just saw your baked green tomatoes post & i have to try that. sounds amazing! and your dog makes all the posts that much cuter :)