Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicken ‘N Waffles


At the SOWA Food Truck Festival a few weekends back, we spotted a truck offering chicken ‘n waffles. By the time we got there they were offering chicken and waffles.

With disappointment in our hearts and taste buds, we stayed on board for the mediocre fried chicken and various sides. It was decided that one day we would have chicken AND waffles. Saturday night was that occasion.

We went to the The Hen House on Mass. Ave and ordered a variety of sides in addition to our chicken ‘n waffles, of course. There was a sign that mapped the ordering process right out for me. First pick my waffle: buttermilk. Second, pick my butter: honey whipped. Third, my chicken: tenders, original recipe. And last, my sauce: maple syrup.

IMG_2462 There it is. Fried chicken tenders on a buttermilk waffle. Just a touch of maple syrup (I use it sparingly so as not to make my waffle soggy, I hate soggy waffles). And then there is the rest of our spread…

IMG_2463 Inside the tall container is buffalo chicken mac & cheese and in the small, collard greens. Between the two are some of the tastiest sweet potato fries I’ve ever had! So good, in fact, we made sure to polish them off despite being super full (fries just aren’t good leftover).

IMG_2464 Check out those collard greens!

The restaurant itself is super casual. It’s counter service and we waited about 30 minutes for our order (not fast food!). And if you need to be entertained while waiting, there are TV’s and umm, a prize claw machine!


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  1. Fun post! I live really close to the Hen House and haven't been since right after they opened. I feel like this is definitely perfect winter food, so we will have to go back!