Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chana Masala

I’ve learned a few things this week. Coming back from vacation never gets easier. Labs don’t write themselves. Dogs will find food anywhere… even buried (and forgotten) in the bottom of a bag. And if something smells, well, check the bottom of your shoes.

DSC06075One (of the many) perks of visiting my parents is getting to raid the pantry. I made off with a couple of cans of chick peas and some tomato paste.

Oh hai there Chana Masala.

And bulgur wheat? It’s so nice to have met you. I love this stuff.

DSC06074 I used this recipe. The only changes I made were: a can of green chiles in lieu of a jalapeno & I used a full can of tomato paste.

It was so yummy it came with me to work today.

DSC06084 And I just might have it back tomorrow too.

Speaking of tomorrow, hopefully starting then I’ll be back to my regular blogging schedule. Adios!


  1. Getting back into a groove is always rough. But I love your life lessons! My dog ate half a loaf of bread the day before thanksgiving because my mom left it on the floor. And she is a tiny dog. Crazy.

    Love the sound of this! Channa masala is one of my favorites and I've always wanted to make it.

  2. I met bulgar wheat a few months ago and still have a huge bag of it hanging out in my pantry. Thank you for introducing me to another way to make use of it! This sounds right up my alley.