Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Blondes Walked Into a Bar…

Actually a brewery. Last weekend en route to visit family and friends in Maine, I picked up my buddette (budette?) Shari at South Station. We made it to about Portsmouth before we needed food (& drink) and the pup needed out of the car. We chose Portsmouth Brewery for lunch.


{My upper-level people-watching perch}


{x2 (one for me and one for Shari)… mmm, refreshing}











{deliciousness to share}











{for me}


{for my buddette (budette?)}











Overall, we were pretty happy with our meal. While Shari took a phone call, I wandered into LeRoux Kitchen where I proceeded to drop dollar bills on more Olive Oil and Balsamic. Be on the lookout, I’m already in love with my purchases.

If you’re in the area, check out Portsmouth Brewery… and if you’ve been to Portsmouth and have any recommendations for great grub and libations, leave ‘em here!


  1. The Portsmouth Gas Light Co. has great pizza

  2. Oooh, I'm meeting a friend for post-work drinks today! You've just made me even more enthusiastic :)

  3. hahaha YAY!!!
    and ps. genie bra? really? lolol

  4. hahahaha well I know the girl in the commercial...

  5. I heart Portsmouth. Growing up in Concord I always longed to live in Portsmouth since it just seems so much cooler! One of my favorite places there is Breaking New Grounds (great coffee, they've won all kinds of awards). I also love Le Roux Kitchen, we have a giant one here in Portland and it is always such a temptation!


  6. I love Portsmouth! I second the suggestion for Portsmouth Gas Light. YUM!

  7. I LOOOVVEED the title to this post. You are adorable.

    And that food...looks....awesome. I wish I could just stumble into a bar and find food that good. Usually it's bad fries and even worse burgers.

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  9. hmmm I haven't been here in ages but do love it! fun photos!

    For inexpensive eats and great drinks check out Fat Belly's on the corner next door. Portsmouth is also home to one of my favorite sushi places, called Sake!!