Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A few weeks back, Foodzie offered me a chance to sample their May Tasting Box. I gladly accepted because who turns down free gourmet food? Just days later I got this mystery box in the mail and quickly busted it open to see what I could immediately devour.



The enclosed tasting card says:

May is a celebration of longer, sunnier days and the anticipation of summer vacation. Close your eyes, savor a bite of dried pineapple, and imagine yourself on the shore of Kauai. Visit a small cafĂ© in Bari, Italy where you’ll taste the rich flavors of handmade biscotti. Celebrate long, slow afternoons with the sweet, rich flavor of traditional Southern iced tea. Travel to the shores of California as you snack on one of nature’s salty treasures.

Bon Voyage!


I dug into the lemon poppy seed biscotti first. It was fantastic. It had the perfect amount of crunch and would definitely accompany a nice tea very well. A few days later I tried the authentic almond biscotti which I liked but not as much.


The other day I gave these a go. I’ve never had seaweed snacks before but I’ve seen them at Trader Joe’s and have been curious. I did not enjoy these at all. I ate one sheet and that was enough for me. They were way too “fishy” for me.


These cookies, however, were amazing. They are shortbread sandwich cookies covered with powdered sugar and filled with dulce de leche. Incredible.


I gave these dried pineapple pieces a try today. They are organic and have no added sugar. Initially I wasn’t so sure… I’m not always a fan of dried fruit. But after a few more tastes, I really liked these. They are quite pricey (about $2 for a single serving bag) but on sale I’d pick some up. According to their website they can be found at Whole Foods.



I haven’t tried these two last items. But once I do, I’ll be sure to let you know if either is worth your while.

Even though I loved trying these new (to me) products, I’m not sure I would spend the $20/month to receive one of these tasting boxes in the mail. However, I encourage you to browse the Foodzie site… there are so many unique and drool-worthy products from small companies and artisans.


  1. oooh very nice! actually excited to hear about the salt. i have always wanted to get into different kinds as it really does change the taste. plus i have a recipe for a sweet and salty caramel cake.

    and not to be rude but i refuse to believe the packaging of the seaweed when it says it's "strangely addictive" bc...well...no.

  2. I'm anxious to try the salt too. I love the sound of your sweet and salty caramel cake. Do you have a blog?

    I COMPLETELY agree with you on the seaweed snack, definitely not addictive. I'm a big sushi fan and I couldn't get past the fishiness off this product.

  3. And now you will be the reason why I figure out how to make lemon poppy seed biscotti! Those sound amazing!

  4. Please please do and tell me all about them.

  5. thanks for the honest reviews! I have never even heard of Foodzies, it's a pretty cool concept!!

  6. oh this is way to fun! thanks for sharing!