Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Phew, we’ve made it through Monday Tuesday.

And Tuesday wasn’t half bad. Yes, it was a two cup of coffee start to my morning but they were from the Keurig at work and those seem smaller than the cups I bring from home.

And there was sun. Despite the threat of rain, there was sun and a breeze coming in through my window at work. Ahhh.

When I got home, I found good mail waiting for me.

The Good

IMG_2654A coupon to Jordan’s Furniture for almost $250! Why? Well when I was buying my living room & mattress sets back in April, they were running a promotion. If a Red Sox player hit the ball on a certain spot on their billboard at Fenway, everyone who purchased during the specific contest dates got their furniture free! If it didn’t happen (which sadly, it did not) you got a coupon in the amount of 20% of your purchase! Hmmm… now I just have to decide what I want need.

Too bad they don’t sell automatic laundry folders…

The Bad

IMG_2658 I need to fold all of this. Yes, those are two heaping baskets of clean laundry. Doing my laundry is one thing, folding it is another. It doesn’t help that puppy likes to roll around and mess up my sorted piles either…

Fortunately, I just had some pre-folding fuel. In the form of:

The Ugly

IMG_2660 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. It was one of the ugliest things I’ve pulled out of my oven. No joke. But it is damn good. I’m sorry I didn’t snap a picture of it in all of it’s ugly glory (and I mean that in the most adoring way). It’s also super heavy. Like smack-an-intruder-in-the-head-and-he’ll-be-out-for-hours heavy. But I wouldn’t want to do that because like I said, it’s delicious. Super-moist and full of flavor delicious. Spoil-your-dinner delicious. And, sure, I’ll go there… makes-everything-seem-a-little-bit-better delicious.

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