Thursday, December 15, 2011

Current Obsessions, Vol. 1

I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, promise. I’ve just had no interest in blogging. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch… I just haven’t had much to blog about. Having December off has been just what I needed. For the first time in months, I’ve actually allowed myself to watch TV after work and spend hours doing absolutely nothing and NOT feel guilty about it. Okay, well there’s some guilt there when I look at the laundry pile in my bedroom that just never seems to go away but, you get it.

Anyway, because I’m sure you find yourself at my blog because I’m highly fashionable (read: not at all, today I realized shortly before closing time at work that my sweater had been on backwards all day) and have impeccable taste in all of the things, I present to you: my current obsessions.

1. The apartment has no tree or wreath but I do have what I have titled, for the sake of this post, my holiday corner. It’s actually not a corner at all but rather the top of my radiator unit. Classy should have been my middle name.


How embarrassed I should be for showing you the 5 Christmas cards I’ve received this year. But I’m not, because it’s my holiday corner and I don’t care about your hundreds of cards.

2. This candle. It smells amazing. I light it when I get home from work,  or when something doesn’t smell right.


3. These Gorgonzola Biscuits. WOW. Jessica posted these today and I already made them. But not the pinot noir butter, not today anyway, I had TV to watch remember?


They don’t look quite like hers (read: not at all), but were still cheesy deliciousness.


Oozing cheese, is there any other kind worth eating?

4. And speaking of Jessica, I made her Gingersnap Crusted Salmon for dinner last night. SO good. So so SO so so SO good.

5. Burnt Habanero Crema Salsa. I’ve made this twice now. Once with sour cream in place of the crema (couldn’t find it) and once with Greek yogurt. Both times it was fantastic and both times my mouth was on serious fire.


Bring it to a party. Wow your friends. Their mouths will burn but they won’t be able to get enough.

6. My Growler of Blue Hills Brewery: Black Hops. Though the brewery isn’t too far from where I live, I found growlers at my local liquor store. I can’t get enough of this delicious dark beer.


What are your latest obsessions? TELL ME, TELL ME! Food, drinks, music, restaurants?!


  1. I've also been too lazy to blog lately. I keep telling myself I've just been too busy, but we all know the truth. I've also caught a serious crafting bug so that's totally taken up my time. Will have to keep an eye out for that beer. I wonder how far they distribute.

    Also, why is it that the laundry pile never ends?!

  2. I don't have holiday decorations either. I have cards on my refridgerator. How festive!

  3. I feel like I'm not home enough to really enjoy decorations so the cards will do!

  4. I am soooo making these biscuits as soon as possible.


  5. My current obsession is cadbury's eclairs yummy!

  6. oooh I love candles that smell good!