Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sushi Steal

I’m pretty sure that anyone who has e-mail these days is aware of the terms “Groupon”, “LivingSocial”, “BuyWithMe” and so on. If you don’t, well get on it. I get a handful of deal offers from other similar sites too and a few weeks ago I scored a few saves to Beni Café in Quincy via Eversave. The deal was $7 for $15 worth of food and non-alcoholic drinks. But to make the deal even sweeter, Eversave gave a promo code for $5 off any save (due to the Bruins nabbing the Stanley Cup). In the end, $15 of sushi for $2?! Yes, please.


Beni Café is a pretty small restaurant. The décor is quite modern and really reminds me of a smoothie bar which works because they do in fact sell smoothies. I ordered my food for takeout and couldn’t resist adding a Thai Iced Tea to my meal. “With boba?” the man asked, “okay” I replied not really knowing what “boba” was or why I didn’t decline it. Oh well. But the tea was SO.GOOD. If you’ve never had a Thai Iced Tea I totally recommend trying one. It’s essentially tea with coconut milk and in my case, gelatinous floaties. To clarify, I didn’t not like the boba… I just thought they were weird. Anyone a fan of boba?


For food I ordered a sampler which had 2 pieces each of tuna, shrimp and salmon sashimi and a spicy tuna roll ($11.25). I also ordered a seaweed salad ($4). What you see here is about 1/3 of the seaweed salad and 1/2 of the sashimi. All for $2 (with the save)!!!



The sushi quality was quite good, the spicy tuna rolls weren’t the best I’d ever had but they were still pretty tasty. I loved the seaweed salad, I went back and finished the entire portion. With that said, if you are in the Quincy area and are looking for a place for get sushi takeout, I’d recommend checking it out!


  1. I love Thai iced tea... I've never had boba, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it either!

  2. I like Boba! But I always thought they were called "bubbles" aka Bubble Tea??? But then some places call them tapioca pearls. so who knows. Either way, I like them! (Not something I'd want in my everyday tea, just for a fun treat on occasion!)

    oh and the sushi looks fantastic!

  3. I love their sushi just wish you could make the rolls with brown rice.

  4. Coming from a Groupon/Living Social/Half Off Depot whore, I am uber jealous of your sushi deal! I'm also diggin the team pride in Boston-thats awesome. I'm moving from Charlotte this week so I've been going through all of my deals I've bought in the past few months. I keep telling myself I WILL get through all of them!

    I tried boba for the first time last month. Like you, I didn't not like them, it was just a different texture/taste.

  5. Hehe I love boba and thai iced tea. And sushi :) Those coupon deals are the best!

  6. The only sushi place I know of in Quincy is Fuji. I'll have to try this one out. I keep forgetting, but do you live in Quincy? We should meet for sushi sometime!!

  7. Boba definitely takes some getting used to. I hated it for about four years until I started loving it more than words can say. You'll get there.

    Yay sushi! And even MORE yay REDUCED PRICE SUSHI!! That is epic.