Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Plea for Eggnog Year-round

sconeIt doesn’t truly seem like the holidays have arrived until Eggnog stars popping up in the supermarket alongside the milk. And from now on, it will never truly seem like Christmas morning without these popping out of the oven. I’d been eyeing Mama Pea’s Eggnog Scones for about a week, then I decided that there was absolutely no way these weren’t going to make it into our Christmas Day menu.

DSC06214 I followed her recipe pretty much to the T. The main difference being that I didn’t use dairy-free ‘Nog. I also added a bit more Eggnog to my glaze. These were gone by the time the presents were all opened – maybe by the time the presents were half-opened.

DSC06211And a hint, while these scones will not cause intoxication (though the brownies I made for New Years Eve may in fact do just that – story for another time), they could be said to…

DSC06232Works better than Mistletoe”*

Make one for your honey and see what happens. If nothing happens, don’t blame me. I’m just the messenger.

*Note, this picture is not cropped. This is the only part of my brother I was intending to capture with the camera… for the record, he had no idea and was totally smiling.

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  1. You are making me seriously hope that my whole foods still has some nog left in their fridge. Otherwise, I'm going to have to write to some eggnog producing company and tell them to send me some. I'm a food blogger after all. I have needs.