Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin and Peet’s


I know, I know. Everyone has probably had enough with the pumpkin recipes and so I’m not going to give you another one. I made a batch of vegan pumpkin pancakes last weekend. You can probably find the recipe if you google and the only reason I made them “vegan” is because I didn’t have eggs. I also didn’t have syrup so what you see on top is coconut cream made by mixing coconut flour with almond milk. A fantastic combination if I do say so myself.


The reason behind my showing you these pancakes I’m not giving the recipe for is to tell you about the coffee I received from Peet’s Coffee as a member of Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker Program. Peet’s sent me two bags of their new medium roast coffees to try – Café Domingo and Café Solano. I tried the Café Domingo which is a blend of Central and South American coffees that is smooth, balanced and medium-bodied with more pure coffee taste. Peet’s coffee experts describe it as a medium roast cup with hints of toffee sweetness and clean crisp finish.


For someone who doesn’t typically love non-flavored coffee, I thought this was great (and I mean it)! I added just a splash of half-half and some sweetener and paired it up with the pumpkin pancakes. I feel that pairing this with a fall-flavored dish was a great choice because the coffee truly is smooth and therefore went great with pancakes packed full of spice like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.


Peet’s also sent me a bunch of $2 off coupons (their coffee is now available in grocery stores) so if you are interested in some coupons let me know and I’ll send some off to you.

*I received the Peet’s Coffee at no cost as part of my participation in Foodbuzz’s Tastemaker program. The opinions expressed are solely mine and I’d tell you if I didn’t really like the stuff, promise.


  1. Sometimes I think I could live off of that coconut cream. And I'd have to in this situation, what with the whole canned-pumpkin-and-thereby-pumpkin-baked-goods don't exist in Australia thing.

    One day I'll mash my own. Maybe. Probably not. :P

  2. I'm the opposite of you and only like non-flavored coffee. Flavored always tastes artificial to me. Peet's is GOOD stuff.

    I've yet to have anything pumpkin flavored this season. I keep forgetting to grab a can when I'm at the store. I love pumpkin oatmeal and pancakes so I need to get my act together :)

  3. The coconut cream is SO good... I'm dreaming up other things to use it on.

  4. You want some coupons? I'll send you some... or we can actually get that drink and I'll GIVE you some!

  5. I have never made pumpkin pancakes. I always wonder (as a pumpkin fan myself) is it actually the pumpkin people like, or the pie spice/cinnamon flavor that goes with it?

  6. Random, but I got some of this Peet's coffee in my race bag this weekend! I guess they thought we had better caffeinate before the race?

    LOVE pumpkin pancakes! I need to try that coconut cream idea.