Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When it rains… it makes the ground wet

Can someone please tell me how people actually find roommates on Craigslist? Since I’ve posted my listing (about 3 weeks ago) I’ve had more responses from humanitarian workers in remote parts of the world that want to wire me money to reserve the room than actual, real interest. I’ve tried scanning my ad to see if there’s anything in there that might yield this result but there’s nothing. I requested that the individual be employed yet have received at least 3 inquiries from people with out jobs that have “some leads”. Please. That may be indeed true for some but I’m leery when the e-mail is being sent on behalf of someone on behalf of someone else who isn’t the same person who signs the e-mail. You are looking for a progressive roommate who likes sunshine and smiles? Keep looking. That’s not even a joke… that was a real e-mail. That is not to say that I’m not progressive and yes, I do like sunshine and smiles but I’m not sure they are in my roommate criteria short-list. Sigh. The search continues…


I was trying to take pictures of the apartment this morning and Griffy managed to make an appearance in just about every one.



Anyway, aside from that on going search, the weekend was a good one. How could it not be? It was long. Friday night we went out for sushi, Saturday we enjoyed some drinks in town with friends and Sunday the man-friend and I had dinner at The Palm. It was a surprise and I can’t wait to go back again. Last night I made dinner for the two of us. I found a recipe for Brazilian Coconut Chicken on allrecipes and I’m still thrilled with how it came out.


Rub 4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs cut into 2-inch pieces with this spice mixture. If you don’t like a lot of heat, I suggest reducing the cayenne a bit. Add 1 T olive oil to a pan and bring to medium heat. Add chicken pieces, flip after about 6-8 minutes. Flip. Cook until chicken is no longer pink. Remove pieces of chicken from pan.


To the still hot pan add 1 T minced ginger, 2 cloves garlic (minced) and 1/4 onion (chopped). Add additional olive oil if desired. Cook until onions start to turn translucent (just a few minutes). Empty contents of one 15 oz can of diced tomatoes into pan (drain a bit of the juice out first). If desired, add chopped jalapenos (seeds removed to reduce heat). I used 3 with seeds. Finally, pour one can of lite coconut milk into the pan. Reduce the heat to med-low. Let cook for a few more minutes then add the chicken back in. The sauce will NOT get super thick. That’s okay. You are going to serve it over rice. Preferably Basmati. Or you can use brown rice if you prefer. I used 1 c dry rice and that amounted to 4 servings once cooked. To serve, place 3/4 c rice in bowl (I used pasta bowls). Top with 1/4 chicken and sauce mixture. Enjoy!


Make this meal pronto. It will bring you sunshine and smiles. And perhaps it will send a roommate my way…


  1. Best of luck finding a roommate! The chicken looks like good comfort food for a night like tonight.

  2. The chicken looks very tasty. Good luck on the roommate search - be careful of the craig's list weirdos.

  3. I wants to live with you For realz. My lease runs out in november, so if you can sort out a visa...

  4. My boyfriend just found two roommates for his apartment off Craigslist, but it took him over a month. Most of the emails were the same scams you mentioned. People offering to send partial payments and then their "associate" would come look at the place with another check. It was all really weird. It took a while, but he found roommates. I wish you were looking when I was moving a few months ago! You're in the area I wanted to move to :(
    Good luck!

  5. Break your lease, come live with me! ;)

  6. I'm going to get to work on that... you can pay me with chocolate bars.

  7. It was fantastic Megan... I was thankful to have leftovers to eat on this crappy rainy night.

  8. There are definitely plenty of weirdos, I'm watching out for those red flags.

  9. Good luck with a roomie! I know it's hard to find a good one. But once I used roommates.com and the girl i ended up living with became one of my good friends :)

  10. I just joined that site yesterday... we'll see!

  11. The people on Craigslist sound just as psycho as the ones on OkCupid. Seriously, though...there are so many guys out there who spend their time thinking about the meaning of life. I'm sure they also like sunshine and smiles and progressive women. UGH. I'm a cynical New Yorker, what can I say?

    This chicken looks pretty delicious! At least it was one bright spot in a day of annoying people!

  12. I'm officially adding that Brazilian chicken recipe to my must trys--thanks for sharing!

    I've had luck in the past with finding a roomie off of craigslist, one was weird but paid the bills on time and the other was fun but wouldnt pay the bills, blarg. Maybe its just the economy out there? Have you tried posting it on facebook, twitter or sending out mass email to friends? I know some of my friends have found places like that in the past. If I lived in the Boston area, I would definitely reply-your place looks cute and comfy!

    PS-Italy? Frickin amazing. I don't want to come back.