Friday, August 12, 2011

Stuff & Things

First things first, I’m loving this song, as creepy as this creature is…


I’m missing vacation something fierce…


Not that it isn’t nice to be home.

But things may be changing a bit around here. Up until now this has pretty much been a food blog with recipes and pictures. Once in awhile I throw in some puppy posts in the mix but again, things are changing.

As you may have gathered from my posts while I was in Florida, I’m back in school. My very intensive graduate program begins in about a week! So on top of working full-time, I’ll be a full-time student. I’m not complaining, just giving you an idea of what’s to come.

Basically, I have a feeling I’ll be doing less creative cooking. For instance, I had a project due this week so “dinner” the other night was a bowl of crispy rice cereal and a beer. Don’t get me wrong, it was completely satisfying. But my point is, there won’t be primarily food posts on the blog. Since I want to continue to blog as much as I can, I hope you don’t mind if I blog more about what I’ve been up to. Essentially I’ll be recapping my shenanigans as I navigate a full-time job, full-time graduate student status, a crazy dog and being broke.

Still with me? Hope so. We’d miss you if you left.


Oh, and I had zucchini for dinner tonight (happy mom?) so don’t worry, I still have taste buds.


  1. I'll be here :) Go you! Exciting times ahead :)

  2. Sometimes the focus of blogging has to change with your life focus. It's your blog, so do what you want. I'll still be reading. :)

  3. i'm still with ya!!! can't wait for what's to come!!